Amber Grove Fragrances - July 2021

Amber Grove All Natural Soy Wax candles, melts and diffusers are made with naturally derived fragrance oils.

Our July 2021 Fragrance's



Amber Grove Frangipani Fragrance


Tropical Bliss

This tropical favourite will release a lovely bouquet of floral fragrances. With the unmistakable Frangipani at the heart, your home will be finely balances with the subtle scents of fresh lily, rose, freesia, geranial and white flowers supported with zesty citrus, blonde woods and amber.

Amber Grove Kaffir Lime and Cocoa Butter Fragrance

Kaffir Lime and Cocoa Butter

Exotic Locations

Kaffir Lime & Cocoa butter is an energising fragrance that transports yours senses to exotic locations. Masterfully blended with Jasmine, Lily and Cycalmen at the heart, the fragrance evolves with citrus notes of Mandarin, Bergamot and Kaffir Lime. It is supported by aromatic herbs, ozone, green leaves violet, orange flower and rose, while warm vanilla and caramelised sugar with hints of musk and woods bring out the cocoa fragrance (Nb: contains Vanillin)

Amber Grove - Lotus Flower Fragrance

Lotus Flower

Relax and enjoy

Relax with the calming aura of our Lotus Flower fragrance. The lotus flower is the prominent scent and is perfectly blended with freesia, apple and zesty bergamot and lemon in the top and balanced with vanilla, patchouli with hints of musk, anis, lilac and ylang ylang.

Amber Grove - Nag Champa Fragrance

For the Mind and Soul

Open your mind and clear out the negative energy with our Nag Champa Fragrance. Sandalwood essential oils are beautifully blended with cinnamon, grassy and woody notes together patchouli and amber.

Amber Grove - Sinus Relief Fragrance

Sinus Relief

Perfect for cold wet days

Cool, fresh and crisp with essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol with a hint of lavender, rosemary and fir needle. Give it a try for that blocked nose in the winter months! (This is not medication or a remedy for cold and flu symptoms. Please consult a medical practitioner if feeling unwell or experiencing these symptoms.)

Amber Grove Watermelon Lemonade Fragrance

Watermelon Lemonade

A Taste of Summer

A little reminder of long hot summer days with this refreshing blend of watermelon, lemon and casaba melon top notes, a heart sweet blackberry and vanilla bean with a hint of a light sea breeze.