Candle wax information

Here at Amber Grove we say Waxes ain't Waxes.

There are several types of waxes being used to make candles and melts. The most common are:

Soy Wax;

Palm Wax / Palm Oil;

Bees Wax ; and

Paraffin Wax.


Soy Wax;

Is a vegetable wax derived from soybeans; most of which is farmed in the United States of America and the Soybean industry there is one of the most sustainable in the world. . The wax is extracted through a process called Hydrogenation. Its is the process of converting liquid vegetable fats into solid or semi-solid fats. Some foods made with Hyrogenation include:

  • vegetable shortening.
  • packaged snacks.
  • baked foods, especially premade versions.
  • ready-to-use dough.
  • fried foods.
  • coffee creamers, both dairy and non-dairy.


Some soy waxes do contain some chemicals. These are generally the cheaper brands.

We use Golden Brands Soy wax. Golden Brands do not add chemicals to their waxes. The only additives are Soy based emulsifier to assist in bonding the wax and fragrance together.

Our Soy wax is a pure vegetable food grade product (meaning you can cook with it) and is classified as Vegan.  


PALM Wax / (Oil):

Palm wax is an alternative natural plant-based wax. Can be made from two sources – Palm wax (Carnuaba wax) from the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera Palm from norther Brazil; and palm oil from the African palm Elaeis guineensis and to a lesser extent the American palm  Elaeis oleifera

It is made in the same manner as Soy wax. There are some concerns over the production of some brands with the deforestation and reduction of virgin rainforest in south east Asia to establish Palm plantations for Palm based products. Golden Brands, one of the worlds leaders in Palm oil production is a founding member of the Round-table on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Palm wax is used in a multitude of products including cosmetics sweets, furniture waxes and surfboard wax when combined with coconut oil. Palm oil is now regarded as the most used vegetable oil in the world today.

Palm wax is quite a brittle wax and is harder than Soy wax and is better suited to pillar candles. It is often blended with Soy/Bee and sometimes paraffin wax (In cheaper Palm Wax products).

Palm wax from Golden Brands is also classified as Vegan. Read more on Palm wax here:



Bees wax has been used since ancient Egypt. Bees wax is used in  food, cosmetics, medicines, supplements and off course candles. Although initially derived from plants, it is processed by bees and therefore must be considered an animal product and can not be classified as Vegitarian or Vegan.

 Bees wax is the wax is recommended for the manufacture of candles in liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. Beeswax is also the candle constituent of choice in the Orthodox Church.

However here have been concerns raised by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in relation to the commercial production of Beeswax. Read report here:



 This is still the most popular wax for candles. It is derived from Petroleum, Coal or Oil Shale. From unsustainable resources, often waste bi-products and contributor of greenhouse gases. Need I say more. Want to know more about Paraffin Wax, read here.


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