Our Soy Wax

We use Golden Brands wax. This is manufactured in the USA. We would love to use Australian wax however there is no manufacturing as the Hydrogenaration of soy products is not available here in Australia. 

 The wax we use is a food grade product and is classed as an edible vegetable oil and is classified as a Vegan product.

Golden Brands obtain their products from renewable and sustainable resources only

You can be assured that our product is Non-Toxic and is safe for both you, your pets and most of all - your children. *

We are committed to sustainability and stand by our statements that our candles and melts are Eco friendly and non-toxic. We have provided the below documents from our wax manufacturer for your reading pleasure.


    AAK - Golden Brands Vegan Statement  AAK - Golden Brands Eco Wax BrochureOur Wax - Golden Brands 464 Natural Soy Wax Details   Our Wax - Golden Brands 464 Natural Soy Wax specifications



* Note - some individuals my suffer an allergic reaction to soy wax, as you may to any other natural product. if you believe you have been adversely affected, please seek medical attention.