FAQ's about Amber Grove - Hand poured luxury scented all natural soy wax candles (Scented Perfection)

Considering buying an Amber Grove Candle  all natural luxury hand poured candle? We think that is a great choice. Here's a few of the questions our customers have asked us.

Q: Do you make each candle?

A: Yes - Every candle is poured by hand in our workshop. We have been making our candles for over 10 years so we do a pretty good job. 

Q: Is it totally Australian?

A: No. Unfortunately we don't make the raw ingredients here in Australia. The wax is from the USA and our fragrances from the best manufacturers around the world. 

Q: is there a difference between All Natural soy wax candles and 100% soy wax candles?

A: Yes. 100% soy wax is just that. 100%. All natural is soy wax with a few natural additives to help throw the scent better around the room. Because the wax contains additives, it cannot be called 100% - however all the ingredients are found naturally. 

Q: Are your candles triple scented?

A: No. There is no such thing as triple scented. This is purely a ,marketing term.

Many commercial manufacturers only add about 3% of fragrance to their candles. Therefore, triple scented contains about 9% fragrance.

The important thing to know is that wax is like a sponge. It can only hold so much liquid (scent) if there is too much the scent will start to seep out of the wax and leave blotches in the wax, or worse, pool around the wick stopping your candle from burning properly.

Most waxes can hold around 10-12% fragrance (depending on the fragrance) - so for sellers to state their candles are "Triple scented" simply implies that they contain around 10-12% fragrance.

Our candles are "Fully Scented" meaning we add the maximum amount of fragrance to the wax ensuring you have a strong scenting candle that burns evenly right to the bottom.

Q: Do all the candles contain the same amount of fragrance?

Generally yes. There may be an occasional candle that contains less fragrance. This would depend on the manufacturers recommendation, the viscosity and the flash-point of the fragrance. Some fragrances contains a higher amount of essential oil than others, meaning that to use the full amount of fragrance may cause instability in the candle.

in other words some fragrances are also more volatile than others - meaning that if we use too much of such a fragrance - your candle becomes unsafe. 

Q: Are all your candles tested?

Yes. All our candles are tested in a variety of normal normal living conditions - not in a controlled laboratory environment. This ensures that the candle you buy will  give you as much pleasure in your home as it does in ours.

Q: How soon can I get my candle?

A: We will endeavor to send your candle to you the next business day. Being a natural product it wont last forever on the shelf, so we keep minimum stock. At worst your candle will be no more than 2 weeks old and sometimes we'll be making it freshly for you.

Q: Are the candles safe around children and pets?

A: Yes - as far as an object that burns is. The real benefit with soy wax candles are that they are natural and have a low melting point. The low melting point means that the wax wont get too hot, so if your little ones tips the candle over and gets wax on themselves, thy will not get any burn marks. Just feel a bit warm. If they were to eat it don't worry. The candles will taste quite bitter (Even the sweet scented candles) but you will not need to rush off to the doctor. The only thing you need to be conscious off is that most of our candles contain some essential oil so make sure you or your loved ones are not allergic to some of our fragrances. If you have any concerns please email us.


If you have any questions not covered here, please send us an email us and well update this page with your question and the answer. 

Email: info@ambergrove.com.au